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Lavender Sachet -3 Pack

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Transform your space into a place of relaxation.

  • 3 large sachets filled with 15g of premium Edn Farms Lavender
  • Each is perfect for any space: entry, medium size room or a large closet
  • Freshens up the air with a relaxing ambiance
  • Easy to use and cute enough to add to any decor

Your sachet is filled with the highest quality lavender, handpicked at just the right time and then carefully dried. Lavender is known to have a variety of benefits, including promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and improving sleep quality.
This sachet is easy to use - simply place it in any desired location and let the natural aroma of lavender work its magic. The sachet is also long-lasting, just give it squeeze now and then to revitalize it's natural aroma.
*Lavandula X Intermedia is not for Culinary use*

100% PURE RAW UNFILTERED HONEY (Made by the happiest bees pampered with abundant amounts of lavender pollen)


11 oz of Lavender Honey Heaven

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Lavender Sachet -3 Pack