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(preorder) 100% Pure Lavender Honey

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  • Award-Winning Bees (1st PLACE-North American Honey Bee Expo)
  • 100% Pure
  • So BRIGHT it almost GLOWS
  • Perfect Floral Notes

Don't just take our word for it, ask ANY honey bee.

The Facts: When a bee finds a large field of culinary lavender, she rushes back to the hive to tell everyone with a type of dance. All the pollen gathering workers go right to the lavender fields and forsake the other pollen sources. Lavender flowers are treasure to bees. They know what makes the finest honey and we should take notice.

Why You'll Love It: Sure, we have have a bias for the honey our Edn Farms bee colonies provide. That is why we give them all the time they want in our ABOVE Certified Organic100% Naturally Grown lavender fields.


Full Ingredient List: Pure Raw Honey


Net Weight: 11 oz

Lavender Honey produced by Award Winning Bees

(preorder) 100% Pure Lavender Honey