The Edn Story

Edn Farms started out as a mommy-owned small farm, and it still is. Here, we grow better than organic by using only 100% natural growing practices. Because of this, our farms thrive with bounties of lavish and healthful crops. We first started farming by growing high medicinal value crops including the finest U.S. pharmacopeial grade garlic found anywhere. Now, Edn Farms has also grown, producing many skin nourishing crops from chamomile to lavender, and immune boosting crops from aronia to elderberry.

We are "small farm" through and through. We hold the integrity of our family farm and brand seriously. Thanks to our loved and loyal customers, our demand has grown bigger than our little farm. This is why we developed our Edn Partners Program, specifically to work with other small farms and artisans who truly put love into their demanding work. We like partnering with 30+ small producers better than one mega-supplier and it is for this reason we can guarantee our products are the best grown and cared for anywhere.